Dear Prospective Customer,

Jade Manufacturing, Inc. has been in business since 2001.  Jade brings to the table a management team with more than  90 years combined experience, 41 in manufacturing and 49 in business management.  Our entire workforce stands behind our quality policy which is;

J ust in Time       A bove and Beyond      D ependable and Reliable       E ssence of Change

Our shop is divided into four departments; Production, Hand Coiling, Grinding and Quality Control.  Listed below is our machinery by department with capabilities and minimum / maximum wire sizes.


   W 10 Torrington:  .015 / .023 
   MCS 15D Itaya: .020 / .063 
   MCS 15E Itaya: .020 / .063 
   MCS 30E Itaya: .062 / .120 
   W 11A Torrington: .016 / .072 
   W 11A Torin: .016 / .072 
   Samuel Coiler: .025 / .072 
   #2 Sleeper Hartley: .080 / .156

 Hand Coiling:

   Three #2 Carlsons: .025 / .156 
   Dummy Coiler: .437 annealed 
   Six Kickpresses: various capacities
   Six Benders: various capacities 
   Two Hydraulic Presses: 4 & 5 ton
   Trinco Sandblaster


   SG2-14 Bennett Tandem 
   #905 Besley 
   24 Standard Snag
   Two Tumblers: various capacities 

 Quality Control:

   Larson Testers:
   DHT 10# Compression Load 
   SDHT 200# Compression Load 
   TST 200 in-lb Torque Tester

Also within our facility we have two conveyor ovens with 900 degree F maximum and a Linde Forklift with 3,000 LB maximum lift.

We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, please write us or just give us a call.


JADE Mfg., Inc.


 Jade Manufacturing, Inc.   36535 Grant Street  Romulus, MI  48174        Voice:  (734) 942-1462     Email:   sales@jademfg.com