Satisfied customers is really what we want!  And we work hard to keep them happy!

               J ust in Time
               A bove and Beyond
               D ependable and Reliable
               E ssence of Change

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In July 2006 JADE created a Quality Policy and Quality Management System (QMS).  As the result JADE received it's ISO 9001:2000 certification on December 4, 2006. We received our ISO 9001:2008 certification October 9, 2009.

 JADE's  Quality Management System (QMS) dictates that our Management Team interacts with our workforce daily, stressing the importance of manufacturing springs of the highest quality possible.

 JADE's Quality Policy helps our entire workforce understand that customer satisfaction can only be achieved if the product quality is maintained at the highest level possible. And that each and every spring manufactured by JADE is exactly to print, thus fulfilling our customers expectations.

 JADE'S  Quality Management System (QMS) and Quality Policy are periodically reviewed to assure their effectiveness in achieving  the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction in the industry.

JADE’s entire workforce stands behind the Quality Policy to assure the following:

Just in time:

Timely deliveries – JADE recognizes the importance of on time deliveries. 
Customers’  parts are  delivered to their requirements when they expect 
and need them.

Above and Beyond:

JADE understands the importance of surpassing expected customer service,
regardless of the situation.

Dependable and Reliable:

JADE is known by customers for our quality service.  They count on us to
meet  their requirements.

Essence of Change:

 JADE is committed to continually seeking ways to improve our product and
 service.  We shall change scheduling, parts, production,  shipping 
 arrangements or paperwork at a moments notice to aid our customers. 

     We manufacture compression, extension and torsion coil springs, along with a variety of clips and wire
     forms.  Wire size range from .015 to .156 production and up to .437 hand coiling.  Our capabilities include 
     prototype,   production, hand coiling,  grinding and quality assurance.  JADE Manufacturing, Inc.  is a 
     member of the  Spring Manufacturers Institute.

 Jade Manufacturing, Inc.   36535 Grant Street  Romulus, MI  48174       Voice:  (734) 942-1462   Email:   sales@jademfg.com